Should students choose to explore India prior to or at the conclusion of their program, our team members will be more than happy to share information and help plan trips.

Whether one is interested in historical sites, or visiting ancient temples and experiencing a spiritual pilgrimage, or an organized city (or multi-city) tour, we will be glad to offer advice and suggestions, answer questions, help brainstorm, help you understand aspects culturally sensitive and plan a safe journey. We will gladly help you book transportation and accommodations, and if interested even some travel mates.

The local bazaars are full of colourful fabrics and dazzling trinkets, as well as the hustle bustle of shoppers making their way through crowded cobblestoned alleys. Experience the culinary delights, or safaris exhibiting wild exotic animals, or take in the old sites of Incredible India!

Along with a yogic experience of self discovery, exploring India certainly be a journey to remember!