Yoga School

The Vriksha Yoga community is inclusive of all beings, of all levels of yoga, of all backgrounds, of all walks of life, of all abilities, of all levels of society.

Yoga practitioners from around the world come together to flourish, enlighten, rejuvenate, and advance human consciousness.

The residential yoga teacher training programs at Vriksha will help achieve your goals of attaining higher learning, and to live a more meaningful and mindful life; connecting mind, body and spirit!

Our strength lies in having a clear understanding of the cultures and society our students come from and being able to teach the yogic philosophy and way of life that can be clearly and simply understood by any person from any walk of life. Connecting and linking all people through their personal experiences, in a simple language is at the core of our teaching practice.


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All-inclusive and immersive yoga teacher training programs for beginners and masters alike.


Are you an experienced yoga teacher? Vriksha Yoga invites you to join our team and the journey of enlightenment.


Revive your inner vitality with tranquil and calming retreats.


Vriksha Yoga is your open canvas for inspiration and unique yoga projects. Find support for yoga initiatives.

Why Vriksha?

  • Authentic yoga learning experience rooted in Eastern traditions
  • Clear and meaningful yoga instruction in North American English
  • High-quality hospitality & super friendly environment
  • Nutritional vegetarian food & comfortable homely accommodations
  • Focused on your safety, yoga development and personal pursuits

Dive into your yoga venture in the land of mysticism.

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Making your stay comfortable is the foundation of our program.

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A community supporting each others growth and development.

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Yoga Course in India

Yoga teacher training programs are designed to accommodate all yogis from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe.

Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hrs

A comprehensive curriculum covering the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing, practice of asana, the basics of yoga anatomy, and the artistry to teaching yoga for beginners.

Yoga Teacher Training
500 Hrs

A fully encompassing teacher training program providing the roadmap to building a strong foundation and developing expertise in this field on a most profound level. Participants will be empowered to enlighten others to help them grow, heal, and discover their personal journey.

Upcoming Courses

200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training starting in 2019.

Don't miss the early bird and group discounts.


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