Taj india vriksha

India is a natural choice to learn Yoga.

The motherland, which has given birth to Yoga, has also nurtured many yogis from ancient times. Come learn the first hand experiences of the worlds earliest yogis, and immerse yourself in a genuine culture and belief system which embodies yoga in daily life.

In India yoga is not taught or practiced in studios, but is rather manifest in regular life. The society itself is a classroom that has many facets and is very diverse. Exposing yourself to real situations and observing cultural, spiritual and social norms, bring a very unique angle to learning Yoga directly from the source.

Yoga is entrenched in the Indian way of life. Come see how Yoga is lived and practiced in regular day-to-day routines and learn how you can incorporate yogic practices into your personal life, in a manner not realized. Take home simple practices that are best learned through observation and can be personalized by you for the unique yogi in you.