Vriksha Yoga provides three meals a day for the entirety of the program for all students. Additionally tea/coffee and snacks are available throughout the day.

Vriksha Yoga is a pure vegetarian institution. Which also excludes the use of eggs and sea-food products, although we do use dairy (butter, milk, yogurt). We expect students to comply with this requirement while on the premises of the school, and if possible for the duration of the yoga program.

Keeping the breakfast hearty, simple and filling after the morning yoga practices, the meal composes of oatmeal and cereals, embellished with seasonal fruit and nuts.

Lunch and dinner consist of curried lentils, vegetables, rice, salad and chapatis.

Along with being vegetarian, all meals are prepared in accordance with Satvic cooking methods, which keep the food easy to digest.

On days off, while students have the option to venture out,  the kitchen remains open to serve students wishing to have their meals at the school. On these days the kitchen staff will prepare local cuisine which deviates from our typical yoga regime, to indulge students in an authentic culinary experience while in India. Items such as: alloo puri, chana bhatura, vegetable pakoras, bread pakoras, vegetable and potato cutlets to name a few, will be offered in the meals on those days.

However students are encouraged  to try the local markets for authentic flavors of vendors opening at breakfast for the day and continuing to serve meals til evening. As the day wears on many street stands also slowly creep onto the roads and into alleyways offering various popular snacks and fast food. This is a very popular sought after Indian experience!