ASANA II 200 Hours

Course Description and Scope:

The Asana II course looks at teaching techniques. It guides students through deeper knowledge of the Asanas and how to plan a class and create a teaching sequence.

This Course Covers:

  • Elements of design and sequence of a yoga class
  • Teaching pedagogy (How to teach….)
  • How to cue
  • How to offer adjustments and the use of props
  • Different types of yoga practices
  • How to manage students with injuries
  • How to incorporate variations of Asanas


Students are not expected to have any prior knowledge or experience with yoga or any of the above mentioned topics. This class will be taught in close conjunction to the Yoga Asana I class and the Yoga Anatomy course. Knowledge and experience students learn and observe in those classes, will be encouraged to be reflected on in this course.


The main assignment of this course is a compulsory practicum, where each student will design and lead a yoga class. Students will be expected to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in all the various courses of the YTT program, to this practicum.

There will be opportunity for feedback from other students, which will be useful in improving and developing one’s own style, as well as learning one’s own strengths.

To pass this course this assignment is mandatory.

  • Practicum: Students will lead a 45 minutes yoga class, incorporating the elements learned in the program.

Expected Outcomes:

Students will have learned how to piece together a sequence, various elements of a routine and what elements should follow one another. By the end of this course students should be able to exercise independence on creating a sequence and teaching a yoga class.

Class Materials:

Notebooks and writing materials will be provided to all students at the commence of the program, and students are highly encouraged to bring notebooks to classes to take their own notes.

A yoga mat is required for this class and will be provided to all students each session. Should students choose to bring their own personal mat that is also welcome, but not mandatory.

Attendance Policy:

The certification of the YTT depends on students fulfilling 200 hours of learning. The program is run on a tight schedule and there is little room for students to make up any hours, should classes be missed, to qualify for a 200 Hour certificate. Thus students are highly expected to attend all classes. Should a student fall seriously ill, he/she is expected to contact the course instructor immediately. Otherwise students are expected in each class, on a daily basis; none of the classes are optional, they are all required elements to earn the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate.