Why Vriksha Yoga? Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training

A few years back I had an opportunity to complete my own yoga teacher training program. While I had a fantastic experience and deepened my own practice, I couldn’t help but feel the urge to share my own knowledge and experience with others on the same journey as me. To help people realize what a divine experience this can be – this journey of self-discovery.


As a result of my training, I cultivated my own unique personal practice and even started teaching, which wasn’t my original intent. Through this development, there was a need to connect with others on this path, which lead to further brainstorming.


I started to imagine a place that was serene, calm and exuberated a spiritual and tranquil vibe.  Where hospitality and comfort of all the guests was the pillar of this institution. Where knowledge was readily accessible and easy to comprehend. A place that was filled with warmth, and friendly faces. Where individuals felt comfortable and secure, in an environment without judgment and prejudice. Where growth and development were supreme and individuals left satiated with bliss.


As I imagined this place, I realized, one of the best ways to continue learning is also through teaching! Teaching forces individuals to stay on top of new and current information, keeps one humble and compassionate, and keeps people connected; the perfect recipe to foster the continuous deepening of the human consciousness.


And voila! Vriksha Yoga was born.


At Vriksha Yoga creating a safe space for all individuals to learn, to feel respected, to feel physically safe, to feel looked after, and most importantly to feel at home, is the pillar of our institution.  Hospitality is paramount.


Based on our own experiences, we bring empathy into our teaching practice and keep communications simple in our discourses through the various lectures. We also try to keep the context and backgrounds our students are from in mind, so we can relate topics in an easy to understand manner. We are patient and take all questions in stride until students feel satisfied with their learning.


It can be tough to learn or comprehend concepts that may be of foreign nature to an individual, particularly those coming from society and social background of which norms, values, and practices differ significantly from the unique spiritual and philosophical discourse of Yoga.

At Vriksha Yoga we offer a genuine understanding of broader cultural and social context, taking the unique backgrounds into account, we offer the ability to communicate with ease, offering greater accessibility to knowledge and information, as the experience of each student is enhanced.

When students join us from around the world, with all sorts of unique cultural and varying language backgrounds, sometimes trying to comprehend some of the yogic philosophy can pose challenges even to a logical understanding.

Rest assured we take our time to share with students the depths of these complexities in ways they will be able to connect to and leave with many new perspectives on life, which is where the transformation of each soul begins.