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Yoga teacher training in India

An ancient mystic says “Yoga is an effort to separate the Reality from the Apparent”. What then is the best way to impart an Instruction in Yoga? Clearly, it is not only a physical discipline but control over fluctuating thoughts. Only then Yogi will experience true self. Good thoughts, troubling thoughts. Just as physical muscles, thoughts can be controlled by yogic practice. Steadied by effort and practice. Continual practice brings about permanence in a yogic way.

Meditation allows detachment from thoughts, especially when approached with belief, vigor, and knowledge. Yoga can be paced as desired. More energy is given into Yogic way, the faster the growth. The spiritual application is an enabler. Collective consciousness is infinite that ancient practitioners have been able to tap into. In Yoga Om represents this primordial collective. Supremely suited for mediation.

Welcome to Vriksha Yoga!

We are super excited to launch our Yoga Teacher Training in India. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, in the serene Shivalik hills, our residential programs eagerly await you to start your yoga journey with Vriksha Yoga in India!

Explore the ancientness of India and the profoundness of yoga in the motherland itself. We are a Yoga destination which helps you discover an experience that will deepen your journey through this incredible exposure to the land where yoga was born centuries ago.

Yoga is an excellent channel to pursue an inward journey. Often in the chaos of modern-day life, it’s easy for an individual to feel overwhelmed with the day to day demands of regular life. Trying to keep up with it all can often leave one in a position of being disconnected with one’s own self.

Individuals will be guided to their inner core and encouraged to start living life more consciously and being present in the moment. As the body is nurtured, the mind is cultivated.

The physical and health benefits of a regular yoga practice are endless. From expelling toxins through breath control and breathing exercises to building stamina and physical strength as a result of yoga asana (postures) practice, maintaining a healthy body links to a healthy mind. The physical practice helps develop one’s concentration and focus, allowing space for introspection and a greater mind, body, soul connection.

At Vriksha Yoga we hope to connect like-minded individuals on a transformative journey, making life long connections that will serve as Sangat (a congregation of supportive and encouraging friends or fellow yogis).

We hope to meet you soon!