Yoga poses that help in muscle building

Yoga School

Unlike gyms, yoga doesn’t require a lot of space. It also doesn’t ask you to pick heavy weights and do deadlifts for building muscles. On the contrary in yoga, you lift your own body and not dumbbells to gain mass. Yoga can be done, in a small space with minimum space and at a zero cost to equipment. Some yoga postures are efficient in creating tension between muscles, which in turn breaks muscle fibres and the body has to build more muscles to replace it, acting as a backup.

The diverse nature of the various benefits achieved, as one master the pose of Yoga is tremendous. The direct linkage between performing Yoga and leading a healthy life doesn’t require any separate introductory statements. Here is a closer look at the best poses for muscle building:

  • Vriksasana/ or, the Tree Pose

This one-leg posture supports the healthy state of the body. It involves taking help from the ground and establishing a proper balance. This pose is a necessary form, performed in various yoga schools. It affects all those minute stabilizer tissues in the body, mainly the ankle, knee, and pelvis region, giving the opposite leg a great stretch. The core needs to be steady and continuously engaged to maintain the form from the very beginning to the end.


  • Warrior three/ or, Virabhadrasana III Pose

The one-legged warrior requires strict control of balance and involves a constant engagement of the core/middle region. But, unlike the first pose, warrior three has a different orientation, i.e., forward-leaning with hands stretched and legs behind, on one leg. It places a higher load on the standing leg and engages the entire backside/rear region of the body. It is known for developing muscle and strength in calves, glutes, rear portion of the body, and shoulders.

  • SetuBandhaSarvangasana/ or, the Bridge Pose

This posture is an excellent lower body strength building exercise, as one press in diverse parts of the body, primarily, the legs, glutes, the middle and the lower back region. Other than just supporting the muscle-building process, the pose also engages the chest region and shoulders, giving backbone and hip a good, continuous stretch.

  • Utkatasana Pose/ or, the Chair

Somewhat similar to the bridge pose, a chair pose affects various regions such as legs and the glutes and supports the formation of a solid/powerful core. With your heels kept together at a narrow-stance, you will explore your quads and glutes engaging and burning as your legs hold the entire body weight in a half-squat position.

  • Phalakasana/ or, the Plank Pose

This pose is an excellent top section muscle builder, plus a killer move to strengthen your core. Mixing up planks with various other forms and variations is an excellent way towards achieving health goals. Experts say that performing side planks, high planks, and low planks are useful in the muscle building/gaining process.


Some other postures like High boat, low boat and locust pose are very much powerful as it engages multiple sections of the body. Besides following health regimes, you should also work upon your food habits and avoid unnecessary meals at an awkward time of the day.